Friday, July 3, 2009

Yard Sale: Day One

Day one today felt great! Jehovah has really blessed us with some really wonderful people.
We will continue the yard sale till this Sunday. There is a lot of well wishes and great cards and people that always show up at just the right time. Any questions and concerns will be addressed shortly.

Thank you, Over and out

Liz De Leon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vicky (mom) is at my house now. She appreciated not having as many stairs to climb and she is resting. Dr's orders she needs to get more rest! The next step is to head back to UCLA to put a portal in her chest. She will be fed and medicated through this portal and if all goes well it will take lots of stress off her system. Liz started a couple of blogs so you can see what all is going on in Vicky's fight. If you want to contact Vicky the very best way at this point is a letter or card. We never know when she will be asleep, in a dr's visit, or other situation. Please mail cards and letters to P.O. Box 2896 San Gabriel, CA 91778 When she is strong we sit and read them to her. She really enjoys this. In the mean time I am working to line up resources. Yesterday we met a wonderful Dr in Oceanside who will help with her specific needs. My aunt obtained a wheelchair and tub chair for her. We are applying for a home health nurse and benefits she is entitled to. I spoke with my landlord and he will allow my mom and our family to move downstairs after August. This will be most helpful for getting her in and out of the house and being able to go out and enjoy the yard. This weekend we will have a big yard sale to raise funds and make space. Most importantly we ask for your prayers. This is a tough fight, we have hope in Jehovah that he will give us strength and a great hope in a better life to come... when we all go home to paradise. Feel free to pass this on to our friends.

Thanks for your love and support,
Sarah DeLeon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I now have a twitter.


Getting Started

This blog was started to keep my friends and family updated. The posts will happen ASAP. There is a lot of love and concern and I would like all to know that my spirits are up and we will continue to seek treatment. This could be an difficult time but I refuse for it to be.

Thank You, for all your love and support
Victoria De Leon